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Effortlessly On-Ramp TradFi Assets to Blockchain

Looking to tokenize and manage real-world assets (RWA) efficiently and cost-effectively? Our secure platform is perfect for Venture Capital, Real Estate, Asset Managers, and more

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A superior experience for your teams and your investors

Oxbow simplifies fund issuance and management for issuers and broker-dealers. Our blockchain-powered platform drives efficiency by lowering costs, reducing intermediaries, and streamlining complex processes.

For Primary Issuance

Tailored to Your Needs

Comprehensive support for onboarding, compliance, capital calls, and more throughout the fund lifecycle

For Distribution & Trading

Accelerate Distribution with Tokenization

Seamlessly onboard investors (KYC/AML) and tokenize primary & secondary offerings across regulated channels





What we do

Oxbow leverages blockchain technology to modernize private markets, ensuring transparent, secure, and efficient asset management.

  • Think of it as: A seamless integration of blockchain with traditional assets, bringing the best of both worlds.
  • We call it: ZEST (Zero-Effort Secure Tokenization)
  • This means investors and institutions can now engage with private markets without worrying about inefficiencies and lack of transparency.

Modernizing TradFi systems

Oxbow’s mission is to bridge traditional private markets with the digital economy to drive value creation.

  • Traditional private markets operate with limited visibility, making it difficult to track asset performance and understand the full capital structure. The reliance on manual processes and offshore support services leads to increased operational expenses and inefficiencies.
  • With Oxbow, investors and institutions can easily track assets and make informed decisions without the hassle of outdated methods.

Our team

We are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in institutional finance, including venture capital, real estate, and private equity, and we are backed by a group of highly skilled blockchain specialists.

Interested in joining our team? Send us your application here

Our approach

We’re integrating legacy private market infrastructure with blockchain-driven transparency and efficiency—at scale.

  • Unified Platform: Oxbow simplifies fund management for issuers and asset managers by providing a single platform for onchain and offchain data.
  • Advanced Data Integration: Our platform integrates both onchain and offchain data, providing a comprehensive view of portfolio performance and capital structure.
  • Automated Processes: By leveraging smart contracts, we reduce operational costs and minimize dependencies on offshore support services.

How RWA Tokenization Works

Asset Selection

Identifying the asset to be tokenized is the first step. Commonly tokenized assets include: Real Estate, VC fund, private credit/debt, carbon offsets

Legal Structuring

Ensuring that the tokenization process complies with local regulations is crucial. This includes: i. Conducting due diligence, ii. establishing ownership rights, and iii. drafting legal documents

Token Creation

Tokens are created on Oxbow’s blockchain platform, representing the asset. Each token reflects a share of the asset, similar to shares in a company.

Distribution & Trading

Tokens are distributed to investors through a token sale or other means, providing them with ownership stakes in the asset. Tokens can be traded on secondary markets, providing liquidity to traditionally illiquid assets.

Simple but Powerful

Behaves as “programmable equity”
Automate features, rights, governance
Enable new behaviours
e.g. wallet payouts,
stablecoin funding
Usable within DeFi
e.g. collateralized lending

Fully Integrated Digital Asset Solutions

Advanced features, simple platform: Effortlessly tokenize funds while lowering costs and simplifying operations.

  1. Institutional-Grade Governance
  2. Digital investor-friendly onboarding and subscription
  3. Manage and administer funds from one centralized dashboard
  4. On-chain settlement & digital cap table
  5. Compatible with peer-to-peer secondary market for flexible liquidity
  6. Automated asset transfers with blockchain-based transfer agent
  7. Embedded always-on compliance checks
  8. Alternative liquidity including collateralized lending

Questions & answers

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Can’t find Answers?

Don’t worry, contact us and we will get back to you.

Are you a crypto company?

No. We use blockchain technology for its benefits as a decentralized database system. However, our platform does not use or interact with cryptocurrencies.

What kind of assets does Oxbow tokenize?

Currently, we tokenize Real Estate, Venture Capital, Carbon Offsets and Reg D, CF and Reg A+ Offerings.

Does Oxbow provide qualified custody for tokenized assets?

Yes. Oxbow has partnered with a qualified custodian, specifically approved for tokenized assets.

How do I get started?

Joint our beta here for early access and we will reach out to you with next steps!

Why bring TradFi assets on-chain?

According to a recent report by the HKMA, tokenization has the potential to improve liquidity by up to ➚ 5.3%. Our platform could save between 100 to 150 basis points (bps) in operating costs for a fund.

What blockchain is Oxbow built on?

Oxbow is built on Base by Coinbase, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution. A permissionless blockchain with token standards built specifically for regulated financial securities & operated by licensed financial intermediaries.

What sets Oxbow's platform apart from competitors?

Oxbow provides comprehensive solution that cuts through the complexity of legacy processes.

Our platform streamlines the issuance and trading processes, eliminating the complex and expensive intermediaries typically involved in asset minting and issuance. We also support reverse tokenization, enabling a quicker and easier transition of traditional offerings to the blockchain.